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The Eye Doctor Lid Wipes Product Description

Maintain daily eyelid hygiene with The Eye Doctor Lid Wipes. These excellent preservative free wipes are perfect for gently cleaning away debris from the eyelid, developed by eye care experts The Body Doctor.

The Eye Doctor Lid Wipes for Sensitive Eyes

Designed for even the most sensitive eyes, these lid wipes can be used by both babies and adults. The wipes cool, soothe and refresh irritated eyes, as the gentle formula works to remove any dirt or discharge from your eyelid and eyelashes. The lid wipes are suitable to relieve and sooth the effects of dry eye, MGD, blepharitis and other conditions.

To use, make sure your hands are washed and simply close your eye to wipe from the inner corner of your eyes and across the lashes. The brand recommends using the lid wipes after The Eye Doctor Premium (hot eye compress) for an effective clean, however they can be used separately too.

They are pre-soaked in individual sachets, handy to keep with you on-the-go.

Feel Good Contacts stock an extensive selection of eye supplements and hygiene products. Why not pair this with The Eye Doctor Lid Cleanser for the perfect daily eye care routine?
Benefits & Features
  • Gentle eyelid wipes 
  • Preservative free
  • Detergent free
  • Recommended by Dr Hilary Jones
  • 20 pre-moistened wipes individually sealed in sachets
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  • Mrs Mayhew - 05 Nov 2019
    I’ve been using these for a year and had no eye problems since. Perfect eye cleaner which cleans and removes my heavy night ointments.
  • Malcolm Reid - 10 Oct 2019
    Reasonably priced (when bought in bulk) and very fast service.
  • Myra Nixon - 24 Jun 2019
    Good quality product
  • Linda - 21 Jun 2019
    Excellent product.
  • Lynda - 19 Jun 2019
    Excellent for sensitive skin, these wipes are large so can be cut into two to use one one each eye