Opti-Free Express Twin Pack

£16.49 2x355ml Bottle
Twin Pack 1 Month Pack
Twin Pack 1 Month Pack
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comfi All-in-One Solution Triple Pack
£9.99 3 x 250 ml
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Save up to 39%, Why not try?
comfi All-in-One Solution Triple Pack
£9.99 3 x 250 ml

Opti-Free Express Twin Pack Product Description

Enjoy value for money with the Opti-Free Express Twin Pack solution, the premium multi-purpose solution that provides both an exceptional clean and an accessible price. Opti-Free Express uses a dual disinfection technology that offers a thorough, highly effective clean of all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses.

How does Opti Free Express Twin Pack clean your lenses?

In addition to eliminating the unwanted bacteria on the lens after each day of wear, Opti-Free Express value pack solution works to make your lenses resistant to build-ups of protein, lipids and other dirt and debris. Storing your two weekly and monthly contact lenses in Opti-Free Express solution overnight will protect them from protein and lipids that can gather throughout the day.

Benefits of Opti Free Express Twin Pack

Opti-Free Express Twin Pack requires no separate enzyme cleaner is needed to clean your lenses, with no rubbing required. 
As well as maintaining top level hygiene, the multi-purpose solution also rehydrates your contact lenses by adding a layer of moisture to the surface. This is done through TearGlyde technology - exclusive to manufactures Alcon & Ciba Vision - which offers an unrivalled degree of comfort for wearing your lenses the next day. This innovative technology, coupled with the gentle HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix formula of the solution, makes Opti-Free Express an ideal option even if you have the most sensitive of eyes.

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Product Details & Advice
  • Multi-purpose solution – stores, cleans and rinses your lenses
  • Can be used with contact lenses of all types, even silicone hydrogel
  • No rubbing required
  • No separate enzyme cleaner is needed
  • Twin pack supply
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  • Clair Burke - 30 Mar 2020
    Best contact lens solution I’ve used
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    Great service
  • Alex Maciver - 05 Feb 2020
    First Class Product - has to be one of the very best Contact Lens Solutions out there!
  • Noreen Khan - 30 Jan 2020
    Fantastic did not have to leave my house ordered 11pm delivered the next day at 3.30pm. Brilliant service. However 1 point to be noted is packaging was HUGE. Very highly recommended +++++++
  • Mr Mike Jevons - 30 Oct 2019
    Simply the best ! Lenses are always comfortable and clean after soaking.



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