We would recommend Avaira Vitality in place of Avaira.

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Avaira: Further Information

By replicating the natural moisture of the eye, Avaira contact lenses provide a premium level of hydration throughout each entire day of wear. 

Designed by CooperVision, the lenses utilise Aquaform® Technology to make sure your eye is supplied with more oxygen than most other monthly contact lenses allow. Avaira contact lenses have been made from silicone hydrogel, which accounts for the impressive breathability and water content of 46%. 

Soft and flexible in shape, they works to lock moisture within the lens itself, making the material very comfortable to wear and perfect if you’re used to long days at the office. 

As with every monthly contact lens, you’ll need to store and clean Avaira contact lenses on a nightly basis. We suggest comfi All-in-One Solution as a quality, and affordable, multi-purpose solution for your needs. At FeelGoodContacts.com, you can browse our wide range of solutions and cleaners, all available at the best prices in the UK.