Eye Accessories

Looking after your eyes isn’t simply a case of applying eye drops or gels. At Feel Good Contacts, we understand that some people find different treatments more appealing than others.

With our extensive selection of eye accessories, you can choose how to treat your eyes and keep them feeling good.

Can I treat dry eye without using eye drops?

While proving to be a popular option for dry eye treatment, eye drops aren’t for everyone. You’ll find a selection of eye masks, designed to offer fast and effective relief from dry eye and a number of other eye conditions, at Feel Good Contacts.

We also stock Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist, a convenient eye spray that works to reintroduce moisture to your eyes with just a few sprays and offers an easier application than eye drops.

What are the best eye masks?

Eye masks are a fantastic option for those who don’t want to apply products directly into the eye.

We stock a selection of eye masks, designed to combat the symptoms of various eye conditions and allergies. For a dry eye treatment, we stock the Thera-Pearl Eye Mask by manufacturers Bausch and Lomb and The Eye Doctor Premium by The Body Doctor. Both popular masks are made with thermal beads that can be either heated or frozen, depending on the desired effect and which symptoms you are trying to reduce. Our eye masks can be used to soothe the symptoms of dry eye, blepharitis, blurred vision, grittiness and irritation, light sensitivity and general inflammation.

If you regularly suffer from hay fever in the spring and summer months, we recommend The Eye Doctor Allergy for fast, effective and comfortable relief from inflammation and itchy eyes.

All of our eye masks are reusable and can be worn several times. You can wear them at anytime of the day to relieve symptoms, but we particularly recommend first thing in the morning or in the evening before you go to bed.

How should I store my contact lenses?

You should store your contact lenses in a clean contact lens case and refill it with fresh contact lens solution after every use. You should also replace your contact lens case after every six months. Our Feel Good Contact Lens Case is perfect for storing your contact lenses and is available as a single case or a triple pack