Love Island Sunglasses Style Guide for 2020

Love Island Sunglasses Style Guide for 2020

Feel Good Team
Friday, 14 February 2020 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Winter Love Island is just the summery drama bomb we need right now. Sip the tea with us as we dissect their style and who they choose to couple up with…

Love Island fans rejoice! The show is back, and we couldn’t be happier. Sun, sea and drama, it’s just what we need to get us through the winter. It’s been an excellent show so far. We’ve had Becky with the good hair trying to steal all the boys. Mike jumping from girl to girl (how strange that they all seem to be ‘wifey material’?). And who could forget Callum doing the unthinkable by dumping Shaughna for new-girl Molly?

While the singletons on the island are grafting to stay on the show, they’ve all been wearing some seriously stylish sunglasses. From over-the-top extra to cool and sophisticated, there’s a style to suit all. We’re here to give you all the fashion from the show.

Make like the Love Islanders, pick a great outfit, throw on your favourite shades and trust. In. Your. Sauce.

Laura Whitmore’s pink sunglasses

Get the style: Polaroid x Love Island PLD2053/S GP2/0F Pink Polarised

Also available in black and orange.

She brings new islanders in to stir the pot, and breaks hearts by removing couples from the island. Love Island host Laura Whitmore stuns in these elegant sunnies. When Whitmore does the sassy, slow-motion walk into the villa, you know drama is about to brew. The round, pink tinted lenses are surrounded by gold frames, for a feminine and classic look.

Siannise’s blue cat eye sunglasses

Get the style: Polaroid x Love Island PLD4074/S UJY/C3 Blue Polarised

Also available in Havana.

When she’s throwing shade in the Love Island villa, she’s wearing some incredible ones. Siannise Fudge couldn't catch a break in the beginning, but as soon as Luke T entered the villa she was smitten. Siannise shows her individual style with these bright blue sunglasses. A more modern take on the cat eye frame, you’ll certainly turn heads strolling down the beach wearing these.

Molly Smith’s Love Island sunglasses

Get the style: Polaroid x Love Island PLD6069/S/X 9M4/JQ Rose Gold Polarised

Also available in Silver.

She broke up the power couple that were Shaughna Phillips and Callum Jones. Molly Smith definitely made an entrance when she came back from Casa Amor. The girls made peace early on, but things were still awkward when she decided to crack on with Callum in front of everybody. Although she got a frosty reception from the other girls when she arrived, at least Molly looked cool in these classic aviator sunnies… congrats hun. These rose-gold shades are big enough to protect your eyes from the sun.

Luke Mabbott’s round sunglasses

Get the style: Polaroid x Love Island PLD6066/S UHU/XN Blue Polarised

Also available in Black.

Resident nice-boy Luke M couldn’t look more like Justin Bieber if he tried. While he considers an alternative career as a celebrity impersonator, he’s rocking these suave, round sunnies around the villa. His charming smile and positive attitude has attracted the attention of Demi Jones, who could use a little love after getting the boot from Nas. These blue, mirrored lenses will protect your eyes from the sun as well as the drama.

Paige’s love island sunglasses

Get the style: Polaroid x Love Island PLD2053/S 2O5/M9 Black Polarised

Also available in pink and orange.

After Ollie pied her off for his ex-girlfriend after just three days in the villa, Paige set her sights on Finley. Our favourite Scottish lass became part of the first official couple of this year’s Love Island. When she’s not staring dreamily into Finley’s eyes, she’s lounging around on the day bed in these dark, round sunglasses.

Who will the public vote out next? Will Justin Bieber lookalike Luke M find his Hailey Baldwin? Will Mike commit to one girl and actually stay with her? Only time will tell. If these shades aren’t your type on paper, you’ll find a whole range of other fashionable sunglasses at Feel Good Contacts.

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