Dvf Sunglasses

Dvf Sunglasses

Born from a skirt and a ballerina-inspired top – both printed – Diane Von Furstenberg's wrap dress is now iconic. Created in 1974, its flattering cut, easily adapted from work to evening, symbolised power and independence. Read more...

Created by, and named after, the former Princess of Furstenberg in 1972, DVF embraced the designs of this inspiring and hugely-talented young woman, who refused to leave her mark as having simply married into royalty. She aimed to inspire and empower women of future generations and it is hard to disagree that she is doing that to this day.

Born Diane Halfin, the future princess of Furstenberg obtained an impressive education, studying at Madrid University, before transferring to Geneva to achieve a degree in economics. While it was here that she met her future husband, Diane went on to work for an agency involved in fashion photography in Paris and an apprentice for an Italian textile manufacturer following her graduation. Working for Angelo Ferretti was the period in which she came up with design for the first silk jersey dresses that would gain her prominence in the forthcoming years.

Indeed, DVF became known for inventing the ‘wrap dress’, which would become an iconic item of clothing for the next generations. With progression comes expansion, and it wasn’t long before the brand branched out into different fields of women’s clothing and fashion accessories.

The company’s role in women’s sunglasses today mirrors the elegant and innovative style of the dresses that marked their inception. Frames of these sunglasses are of a sleek and classy nature, which are typically encircling coloured lenses of a dark shade.

The sophistication of their (former) royal designer is evident throughout the entire collection of sunglasses, of which Feel Good Contact Lenses are proud to offer a select few.