Bvlgari Sunglasses

Bvlgari Sunglasses

Synonymous with coloured gemstones and luxury, master jeweller Bulgari was founded in 1884 by Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari – displayed 'Bvlgari' with the original Latin 'v' to pay homage to its Roman heritage. Read more...

A number of the world’s leading businesses and brands have a family-run history, however Bvlgari have taken this to a whole new level with their company. Greek-born Sotirios Boulgaris founded the company in 1884, and even today, Bvlgari have a direct descendant at the helm in Paolo Bulgari, Sotirios’ great-grandson.

From their founding in Rome in 1884, until present day, Bvlgari have established and maintained an admired reputation as one of the most skilled and well-loved jewelry and luxury goods designers in the world. With business in watches, jewelry, fragrances, accessories and even hotels, Bvlgari naturally have had an impact on the world of sunglasses as well.

Bvlgari have developed a strong identity within the eyewear world, and their sunglasses reflect this perfectly. Rich and glamorous, their designs are targeted towards those seeking a glamorous and sophisticated pair of sunglasses. Jewels are a classic feature implemented within the production of the sunglasses and help to retain the rich history of the company within its initial jewelry industry.

Bvlgari sunglasses are sold at a number of their boutiques across the globe, which have been purposefully built in the world’s most exclusive shopping districts.

The timeless designs exude a sense of the high society that have influenced much of Italy’s fashion and eyewear history, and provide a highly impressive fashion statement.

The history of the Bulgari family and their company is one that should be celebrated, and that’s why we’re excited to offer a range of sunglasses in a number of rich and luxurious colours at Feel Good Contact Lenses.