How to identify fake Oakley sunglasses?

Medically reviewed by Wut Win, Dispensing Optician at Feel Good Contacts.


Real Oakley sunglasses come at a price that reflects their quality. You can check the prices (they’re usually between £100 and £350) in physical stores.

At Feel Good Contacts, you can shop Oakley sunglasses for as low as £55 to £150 on top of exclusive offers. Our sunglasses are authentic, sourced directly from official manufacturers and include a 12-month warranty, ensuring your purchase with us is legitimate.

Beware of deals that seem too good to be true, as they are often a scam to deceive customers into buying fake Oakley sunglasses.


Real Oakley sunglasses are made with lightweight and flexible O Matter frames. This pre dyed plastic ensures that the structure is the same material throughout. On the other hand, fake Oakleys may show inconsistencies in colour or cheap paint on the hinges. Spot fake Oakleys with loose lenses and flimsy hinges.

Verify the Certificate of Authenticity

Genuine Oakley sunglasses come with a certificate of authenticity. Be cautious if the mailing address of the certificate differs from the official one. Fake Oakleys often include a certificate, but the details will not match the real ones.


When buying new Oakley sunglasses, pay close attention to the packaging. It should include a cardboard box with accurate branding, imagery and production details like manufacturer information, barcodes, model names, colour codes, frame, and lens descriptions. Real Oakleys also have a high-quality case or microfiber pouch featuring the Oakley logo.

packaging for Oakley sunglasses

Identifying SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit)

Real Oakleys have an SKU starting with 'OO,' followed by a four-digit number indicating the frame model, colourways and size. Some models may have the name and size inside the temple or nose bridge. Find the SKU on social media forums to verify its authenticity with the ones you bought. Fake Oakleys may pose as real Oakley SKUs but won't match the sunglasses model.

Oakley sunglasses displaying SKU inside left temple

Scan barcode to verify the authenticity

The barcode on real Oakleys is usually 13 digits long. It can be verified by searching for the same product on social media forums. Ensure the barcode on the box matches the official one. You will often notice incorrect barcodes on fake Oakleys.

Spot lens etchings

Real Oakley prescription sunglasses bear the Oakley O etching on the lens by laser. Non-prescription Oakleys with an 'O' etching are typically fake. PRIZM Oakleys will have 'PRIZM,' 'POLARIZED,' or 'PRIZM P' etched on the lens, while non-PRIZM versions lack etchings.

Beware of tacky stickers

Fake Oakley sunglasses leave a sticky residue from stickers, some of which look like real etchings. Real Oakleys may have static cling-type P stickers showing that the lenses are polarised or Prizm, but stickers with adhesives that leave residue will never be the case with real Oakley sunglasses.

PRIZM lens etching on Oakley

Check lens clarity

Real Oakleys feature high-definition optics (HDO), providing a crystal-clear view without blurriness or distortion. The lens material, Plutonite, is exclusive to Oakley and made from purest form of optical polycarbonate.

Look for precision in logo placement

Fake Oakleys often misplace the Oakley logo, especially over the nose bridge. Ensure the logo placement matches the official Oakley sunglasses with the raised O logo embedded in the frame.

Check for raised seams

Real Oakleys feature a subtle seam, while fake ones may have raised lines along the frames. Real Oakleys may have a slight hem that's hard to feel when touched.

Review spelling errors

Fake Oakley sunglasses may feature misspelt brand names like 'Oakly,' 'Oakely,' 'Oakey,' 'Foakley,' or 'Fokley.'

Premium feel

Real Oakley sunglasses have high-quality ear socks and soft, spongy rubber pieces for comfort. On the other hand, fake ones can often be seen with thinner, cheap materials that may slide off easily.

The temple tip of authentic Oakley sunglasses is made of a patented Unobtanium material which is designed to hold your frames from slipping off.

Size matters

Fake Oakleys are often smaller than genuine ones, so check the size before purchasing.

Check the model number and CE marking on Oakley sunglasses

Real Oakley sunglasses feature a six-digit model number on the inner temple and carry a CE or UKCA marking for compliance with safety and environmental regulations. You may spot fake Oakleys with shorter model numbers and the CE or UKCA mark would appear missing.

The vintage era had Oakley sunglasses with a serial number of seven digits. Back then, while checking the serial number, if the products were fake, it would display the wrong one with fewer digits. Oakleys manufactured these days, do not have a serial number and are mostly found with a model number of six digits.

Are real Oakleys made in China?

Note that genuine Oakleys may say 'Made in China' due to changes in manufacturing after being acquired by Luxottica in 2007. Older models may still carry 'Made in the USA.'

Best Selling Oakley sunglasses

At Feel Good Contacts, all our sunglasses are genuine branded, sourced from official manufacturers and come with a 12-month warranty, so you can be sure you're not buying fake Oakleys when you shop with us. You can add these best-selling Oakley sunglasses to your basket and create a gram-worthy look of the day:

Oakley Square Wire OO4075-14 Brown Prizm Tungsten

The sleek wrap-style frame features dark orange lenses encased in an ultra-lightweight, durable metal frame. These shades come with comfortable nose pads and rubber temple tips.

These sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Polarised lenses reduce reflection and PRIZMTM technology enhances colour, contrast and detail.

Oakley Fives Squared OO9238-05 Grey Smoke

Crafted from O Matter frame material in modern grey smoke, these sunglasses provide a lightweight, secure fit. The wrap-around design offers full coverage and a sporty look.

High-definition optics in the lenses ensure clear vision. The grey smoke lenses offer 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The iconic O logo on the arms guarantees the brand's authenticity.

Oakley Frogskins OO9013-H7 Prizm Violet

These pair of Oakley sunglasses transport you to a retro era. With a transparent frame, these shades are lightweight, offering all-day comfort.

Enjoy 100% UVA and UVB protection with purple flash mirror lenses that contain PRIZMTM technology for enhanced colour and contrast.

Silver Oakley logos adorn the temples and a chic pink pouch protects them when not in use.

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