Can I get my prescription put in my sunglasses?

Medically reviewed by Khuram Sarwar, Dispensing Optician at Feel Good Contacts.

If you’re wondering if there is such a thing as prescription lenses for sunglasses, you’ve come to the right place. In most cases, you can get your spectacle prescription put in your sunglasses. Bear in mind that this is different to our prescription sunglasses. Read below to find out more about adding prescription to sunglasses.

How to get your prescription in sunglasses

Usually, your optician or optometrist can fit prescription lenses into your favourite pair of sunglasses, provided you have an up-to-date prescription from your optician and your chosen sunglasses meet the criteria:

1) The sunglasses must be of a certain curve size

2) The original lenses can be removed and replaced with prescription lenses

3) The frames are stable and have a supportive structure for prescription lenses

What is the point of prescription sunglasses?

There are many reasons why customising sunglasses with prescription can be handy (and it’s not just because sunglasses are super fashionable):

  • They protect your eyes from harmful rays emitted by the sun whilst providing clear vision
  • You won’t have to switch between your glasses and sunglasses when the sun is out
  • Like most glasses, they offer a break from contact lenses
  • They reduce glare

If you’re still unsure of the benefits of prescription sunglasses, it may help to consider how much time you spend outdoors – otherwise, you can always consult with your optician who will help you make an informed decision.

What to consider when choosing prescription lenses for sunglasses

You may think darker sunglasses = more UV protection, however, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, the tint of the lens has nothing to do with ultraviolet protection. Darker sunglasses will cut down the amount of light entering your eyes; however, they won’t fully protect you against UV radiation.

The size of the lens, however, does impact how protected your eyes are – so we’d recommend opting for larger sunglasses if possible.

Polarised lenses are good at reducing glare and allowing only useful light to enter the eye. However, they won’t block UV rays alone – some sunglasses are built with a special coating that takes care of this. All the sunglasses at Feel Good Contacts are designed to block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Can I make my prescription glasses into sunglasses?

Yes, you can choose any pair of our prescription glasses to convert into prescription sunglasses. Ordering prescription sunglasses is simple at Feel Good Contacts:

1) Choose a glasses frame – you can give them all a try using virtual try-on, but here are some popular options:

2) Select ‘tints’ under the type of lenses you would like at the checkout page

3) Choose your preferred lens colour

4) Checkout

If it’s your first time shopping with us, you can receive 10% off your prescription sunglasses. On top of that, we offer fast delivery on all of our products, so you won’t be without sun protection for long.

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