How to Clean Glasses


How to Clean Glasses

It’s important to clean your glasses regularly to ensure that you always enjoy complete visual clarity. Scratches, dirt, oils, smudges and dust particles will accumulate daily.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to get your glasses professionally cleaned. We’ve created a mini guide to help you keep your glasses clean so that you can see clearly throughout the day.

How do you clean cloudy eyeglasses?

You will need to wash your hands to ensure they are free from dirt and grime before handling your glasses. You can use a lens cleaner, but if you do not have one at hand, you can also wash your glasses with mild soap. Gently rub the surface of the lenses and rinse with warm water. Then dry your glasses with a soft microfibre lens cloth.

Your glasses will usually be accompanied by a microfiber cloth which is the most suitable fabric to clean your glasses with. Follow our daily lens cleaning routine for eyeglasses to maintain the cleanliness of your frame and lenses.

Daily cleaning routine for glasses

RWe highly recommend our Feel Good Cleaning Kit to clean your lenses. The handy kit will fit in your pocket or bag.

  • Hold the bottle a few centimetres away from the lens and release two sprays on each lens.
  • Gently wipe the water or lens cleaner off your glasses with a microfibre cloth.
  • Your microfiber cloth should be washed regularly in warm water (no more than 40°C and without any fabric softener).
  • Do not use any other materials (i.e. shirt sleeves, tissues etc) to clean your spectacles as they can cause micro-fine scratches on the lenses, may not clean your lenses properly and could leave streak marks on your glasses.

Weekly cleaning routine for glasses

Run your glasses under lukewarm tap water. Be careful not to use hot water as this can damage certain lens coatings, or cause rusting on the fixtures.

Apply a small amount of washing liquid to your glasses and gently rub the lens, side of the lenses, nose pads and temple tips, as these sit behind the ears and can also accumulate dirt.

Can you use alcohol to clean glasses?

It is not recommended that you use rubbing alcohol on your glasses; the alcohol may interact with lens coatings and ware them down. In general, avoid using concentrated substances to clean your glasses, as these may wear down your lenses and frame.

How often should you clean your glasses

How often should you clean your glasses?

Ideally, you should clean your lenses once a day and give your glasses an overall deep clean once a week. Cleaning your eyeglasses every day will prevent a daily build-up of dust, dirt and smudges.

How to remove scratches from glasses?

Sadly, there is no at-home method, or magical formula to repair scratched lenses. Once they are scratched - they are scratched. The best thing you can do is avoid getting your glasses scratched in the first place. Thankfully, all our glasses are made with a scratch-resistant coating. So, this is less likely to happen with glasses purchased from Feel Good Contacts.

How do I stop my glasses getting dirty?

When you are not wearing your glasses, keep them in their case. Most frames come in a hard case to store your glasses. We especially recommend a hard case as this will best protect against possible damage.

A scratch-resistant coating is also a common lens finish which comes with all our lenses at Feel Good Contacts. This will lessen the impact and appearance of scratches, but it does not completely guarantee that your lenses will not get scratched.

All glasses will get worn down and need replacing eventually, furthermore, as your prescription is likely to change over time, you will need new glasses anyway. To ensure you get the best quality lenses, make sure to purchase your glasses from a reputable retailer.

Feel Good Contacts has an extensive collection of excellent value prescription glasses for both men and women. We stock the most stylish and exciting brands, including frames from Oakley, Ray-Ban and Superdry. Step out in style with our excellent selection of designer prescription glasses.



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