Glasses Frame Size Guide

Frame size guide

Understanding your frame measurements is essential as this will affect how your glasses sit on your face. Frames that do not sit properly on the face may slide off frequently and will not be properly aligned with the centre of your eyes. Glasses are made to fit a generalised measurement of most people’s faces. You will find that some styles of glasses come in a smaller sized frame for smaller and slimmer faces. Our handy guide will help you to decide on the best lenses to fit your face.

Where can I find the measurements of my glasses?

You may notice that on the inside of the arms of your glasses there is a very small number marking. This shows the measurements of your glasses.

How are glasses measurements usually written?

The measurement of your glasses is comprised of three numbers and usually looks something like this: 54 - 18 -137.

What do my glasses measurements mean?

The numbers showcasing the measurements of your glasses relate to the following: the diameter of the lenses, the width of the bridge (across your nose) and the length of the sides (arms and temples).

Glasses measurements are typically written in millimetres.

Here is a short guide on how to understand these numbers.

The Lens Diameter

The diameter of the lens is the first number. It’s measured from the bridge and is the lens width (in mm). The size of your lenses is largely determined by the design of your frame and your prescription.

The Bridge Width

The bridge width is the second number and measures the gap between your lenses and your nose. If the glasses are too tight, they will pinch your nose and not sit comfortably on your face. If your glasses are the correct bridge size, they will sit comfortably on the face.

The Length

The length is the third and biggest number. The standard and most common length sizes are 135,140 and 145mm. You'll know which length is right for you if the arms are long enough to sit comfortably over your ears.

Frame size guide

Issues with ill-fitting glasses

Glasses that do not fit well will slide off of your face, look crooked and will not be in line with your central field of vision. It is important that you visit an optician to get your eyes tested, as they will also give you the best measurements for your glasses. After this, you are free to purchase your glasses from anywhere as long as you have the correct measurements. You can order your glasses online directly from us and have them sent to you within a week.



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