How much do contact lenses really cost?

Medically reviewed by Tina Patel, Contact Lens Optician at Feel Good Contacts.

Lenses start from just £1.99! Yes, it’s true. Even with the rising cost of living, you can find affordable lenses that fit your budget at Feel Good Contacts.

We all know the convenience contact lenses bring and as a result a lot of people are converting from glasses to lenses. With prices increasing, the cost of lenses can also add up to your daily expenses, making them expensive. So, it is important to understand why lenses are priced differently and at what prices you can shop for your lenses. This will help you organise your monthly eyecare spend.

Factors affecting the cost of lenses

You don’t have to break the bank for the best vision experience. This article will help you understand the factors affecting the cost of lenses and can help you save up to £395.28 every year!

The cost of your lenses will depend on:

1. Prescription.

Astigmatism and presbyopic lenses are generally more expensive than standard vision-correcting lenses (myopic and hyperopic lenses).

2. Modality.

The cost of lenses will also depend on the ‘type of wear’, such as dailies, monthlies or two-weeklies. For example, daily lenses are more expensive than monthly lenses.

3. Brand.

Depending on the brand you’re after, you will find a variation in their prices.

4. Added features, such as blue light.

Added features/attributes, such as UV filter and blue light filter, add to the cost, affecting the lens price.

5. Pack size.

Depending on the brand and product, you can find lenses available in different pack sizes such as 5 pack, 30 pack or 90 pack. Naturally, the smaller the pack size, the lower the price.

6. Contact lens retailer.

Different retailers offer different prices. It is rare to see a massive difference in the cost for the same product, but it’s always good to stay on top of prices and to go for the most economical retailer.

Top tip: Along with the cost, consider the quality and performance of the lenses. Take dailies as an example, they might cost you a bit more than monthlies, but at the same time they provide you with more convenience and lens hygiene.

Book an eye exam

When was the last time you got your eyes tested? Booking an eye test is the first step to getting a suitable pair of lenses. After an eye examination and a contact lens fitting appointment, your optician will be able to suggest the most suitable brand and lens type for you, based on your lifestyle and needs. A contact lens fitting appointment will ensure the recommended lens fits you well without causing any discomfort or irritation.

Types of lenses and their prices

You must have noticed the changing costs of lenses all the time. Factors such as manufacturer’s pricing and delivery can affect the cost of a lens. One of the other reasons is added functionality or an upgrade, for example when a basic lens is upgraded with a new technology, it’s price naturally increases. As different factors affect the lens price, it’s tricky to describe the lens cost accurately. Depending on your visual needs, you will be advised of different brands and types you can go for. For instance, if you have a super busy routine and cannot commit to a daily lens cleaning routine, dailies could be a more suitable option for you.

We have compiled a summary of lenses and their costs for your reference…

Dailies starting from £1.99

Daily lenses are very convenient as they don’t require cleaning routine and can be thrown away at the end of the day. With your optician’s help, you can choose the most suitable brand. Shop dailies from as little as £1.99 for a pack of 5, or get a 30 pack for £9.50.

Although dailies are pricier than monthlies, they offer better lens hygiene and convenience at the same time.

Monthlies starting from £2.99

More economical than dailies, you can opt for monthlies if you don’t mind a cleaning routine. They are cheaper than dailies, as fewer lenses are being used. However, you will need to buy a lens solution and lens case to clean and store them, which is an added cost. For monthly wear lenses, you can wear them throughout the day. Take them out before your bedtime, rinse, clean and store them in lens solution overnight and reuse them for up to 30 days from opening.

Two weekly starting from £2.99

If you’re looking for a lens between dailies and monthlies, two weeklies could be the lenses for you. Similar to monthlies, they require a cleaning routine. These lenses can be worn for up to 2 weeks, provided they are also rinsed, cleaned and stored in solution overnight. They are cheaper than dailies but slightly more expensive than monthlies, these lenses are a good bargain for something between the other two lens wearing types.

The cost of all the above-mentioned types can also be affected by the vision correction you need, this includes:

1. Astigmatism: Toric lenses for astigmatism cost more than regular soft lenses which correct short-sightedness or far-sightedness alone. With Feel Good Contacts, you can find astigmatism/toric lenses starting from £8!

2. Presbyopia: Similar to toric lenses, these lenses cost more than regular lenses. Multifocal or progressive lenses are used to correct presbyopia. These lenses blend two or more prescriptions together to help you with clear vision at all distances. Shop your multifocal lenses starting from £17. Shop from different brands.

3. Coloured lenses: Coloured contacts are more expensive than clear lenses because of the visual effect/tint they offer. With our range of colours, you can find your favourite-coloured lenses for less. Shop from your favourite coloured lenses brands, including FreshLook and more. Price starts from £6.99 - £36.70.

Contact lenses prices based on wearing type

From dailies, multifocal to extended-wear lenses, you can find your suitable lenses with us for less.

Dailies Starting from £1.99 Shop Now
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Top selling contact lenses brands

Browse our top selling lens brands and save up to 50% compared to the high street.

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Additional expenses for contact lens wearers

There will be additional expenses when buying monthly, two weekly or yearly lenses. As these lenses require a strict cleaning routine, an additional investment in a lens solution and lens case is required. It’s also worth investing in basic essentials, such as a microfibre cloth, because drying your hands with a microfibre cloth will reduce the chances of fibres getting transferred on to your lens during lens application and removal.

Where to buy contact lenses online?

Shop lenses for less with us from the convenience of your home. Along with big brands, such as Acuvue and Air Optix, we also offer a Feel Good Contacts exclusive brand – comfi, a premium quality eyecare brand with affordable prices for everyone.

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Do lenses cost more than glasses?

It is difficult to compare the cost of lenses with glasses. You can go for daily, monthly, two-weekly or yearly lenses based on your needs; the cost will vary accordingly. Opting for lenses will be a recurring investment, but they are also convenient. While getting glasses is a one-off investment for the long run, unlike lenses, you don’t have to replace them daily or monthly. However, you can shop new frames every season, if you fancy a change of style.

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