Can I swim with contact lenses?

Water can pose a serious threat to contact lenses and contact lens wearers, so try to avoid swimming while wearing your lenses wherever possible.

Prescription swimming goggles are a highly recommended alternative for those that need visual correction while they swim.

However, if you must swim with your contacts in, then please take note of our safety guidelines and tips on how to keep your eyes free from harm.

What should I do if I have to swim with my contact lenses in?

If you need to keep your lenses in while swimming, it's highly advisable to wear daily disposable contacts and to use waterproof swimming goggles.

After your swim, whether you think any water has reached your eyes or not, make sure to dispose of your contact lenses to eliminate the chance of irritation or infection.

What should I do if my contact lens fell in pool chlorine?

In the unlikely event that one of your contact lenses falls out of your eye and into water, whether chlorinated or not, you should immediately dispose of your lenses. While cleaning your lens in contact lens solution may work to kill any bacteria gathered, the safest option is always to apply a fresh set of contact lenses.

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