Are There Age Limits On Wearing Contact Lenses?

age limits on wearing contact lenses

Can children wear contact lenses?

There is technically no minimum or specifically recommended age when anyone can start wearing contact lenses. It’s less a matter of age, and more about whether your child can handle the responsibility and if you are able to help monitor their use. Wearing contact lenses requires an easy, but daily, regimen that follows a high standard of hygiene. While complications are rare, they can arise if lenses aren’t worn properly.

Before taking your child for a contact lens fitting, ask yourself whether they can take instructions well and can do things without forgetting or being told twice.

Is it safe for children to wear contact lenses?

Strongly consider if your child actually needs lenses at such a young age, or are the reasons for them wanting to wear lenses more cosmetic? Do they feel they need to wear lenses because of peer pressure? 

If your child is active, contacts make a great alternative to glasses and can be worn upon occasion. We recommend daily disposable contact lenses, which can be worn when needed and require no storage regimen.

It is important that you educate your child on how to wear contact lenses and practice good hand hygiene when inserting and removing contact lenses.

Do things change as you age?

There is no maximum age limit to when you have to stop wearing contact lenses. You'll find, however, that your prescription requirements may change.

There are certain age-related eye conditions such as presbyopia that will require you to wear multifocal contact lenses to be able to read and see.

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