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    Review SoloCare AquaGreat quality solution, have used for many years
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SoloCare Aqua Product Description

Combining state-of-the-art technologies, Solo Care Aqua is one of the most advanced and effective multi-purpose solutions on the market. You’ll be sure of clean, comfortable and deposit-protected contact lenses when you use this impressive solution. 

The HydraLock moisturising effect produced by the solution means that you can wear your lenses and feel comfortable for even longer. Your contacts will stay hydrated for longer, greatly reducing the effects of digital screen use and a number of other factors in causing your eyes to dry. 

You can either use the solution to rub your contact lenses clean (you’ll need to rinse them after), or you can soak them in a case filled with it overnight. The second option means you won’t need to rub or rinse them after they’ve been cleaned. 

Storing them in the lens case is a unique process itself with this multi-purpose solution. A MicroBlock case, infused with antimicrobial silver ions, comes with each bottle of Solo Care Aqua and works to not only kill any deposits on the lenses, but to also prevent the growth of any new bacteria. 

We also stock a twin pack of Solo Care Aqua at, allowing you to stock up while enjoying an even greater saving. 

Benefits & Features

  • Moisturising formula keeps contact lenses in the best state for daily wear
  • Keeps lenses cleaner for longer
  • One solution for your entire cleaning regime
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