Contact Lens Case Triple Pack

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Contact Lens Case Triple Pack Product Description

The Contact Lens Case Triple Pack is the perfect accessory to add to your contact lens cleaning kit. This helpful eye care accessory can be used for storing your monthly or two weekly contact lenses. 

Easy to carry with you, and available in this triple pack, these contact lens cases are essentials when it comes to looking after your lenses. No matter which solution you use, you can use these Contact Lens Cases for storing your lenses. 

Fill the case with multi-purpose contact lens solution and add your pre-cleaned contact lenses to soak. After leaving overnight, you can then enjoy fresh and comfortable contact lenses from your Contact Lens Case.

This handy eye care product can even be used with hydrogen peroxide solution for cleaning your contact lenses, however you’ll also need to add a neutralising tablet to the case to ensure your lenses are cleaned of any excess detergents and are safe to wear. Those wishing to rinse their contact lenses with saline solution will find these contact lens case helpful compartments. 

Make sure to rinse your contact lens case with fresh solution after every use, to be sure any old solution is washed away and it’s kept clean. Each case should be replaced every 3 months, meaning that this convenient triple pack keeps you stocked up for the next 9 months.  

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