Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution

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1 Pack 2 Pack
  • Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution
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Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution Product Description

Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution is the perfect multi-purpose solution to provide your monthly and two weekly contact lenses with a superior clean. The solution maintains their condition throughout their entire wearing cycle, ensuring comfort and total visual clarity at all times.

As an all-in-on contact lens solution, Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution will save you from having to purchase multiple products, giving you a product that cleans, disinfects, stores and maintains your contact lenses, ridding them of any protein or irritants that have gathered throughout the day. The solution also works to rehydrate them in preparation for the next day. By matching the natural pH of your tears and adding a hyaluronate (a natural lubricant), this product has been specially created with your eye’s biology in mind. 

Developed by Bausch and Lomb, Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution hydrates and cushions your contact lenses, making wearing them a comfortable and freeing experience from morning till evening. Working in air-conditioned environments, prolonged computer use and a variety of other factors can usually cause your eyes to dry out. Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution equips your lenses to combat these elements and keeps your eyes feeling fresh no matter where you are. 

Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution is also available in a twin pack, allowing you to stock up on more solution whilst saving even more money.  

Benefits & Features

  • Matches the pH of healthy tears, so your lenses are always in perfect balance with your eyes
  • Uses naturally occurring lubricant to keep eyes moist
  • Maintains natural tear proteins to avoid uncomfortable build-up
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