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What are Frequency contact lenses?

Designed by eye care experts CooperVision, Frequency contact lenses are exceptional monthly contact lenses, designed to provide clear and concise visual correction to a wide range of visual conditions.

Why should I choose Frequency contact lenses?

Able to cater for even the more extreme requirements, these impressive monthlies deliver flawless visual correction alongside a highly comfortable wear from morning till night.

Frequency contact lenses are renowned for their UltraSync design, which provides a closer and more comfortable fit on the eye. As a result, the lens remains stable on the eye over the course of the entire day, offering minimal rotation and delivering uninterrupted vision and comfort for the wearer.

All of our Frequency contact lenses have been created with a water content of 55%, allowing them to stay soft, moist and comfortable from morning through till night. Eyes are kept well hydrated with these monthly contact lenses, which makes them an ideal choice for those who suffer from dry eyes or who often feel the effects of air conditioning/heating and digital screen use on their eyes.

What types of Frequency contact lenses are there?

For correction of short-sightedness or long-sightedness, Frequency 55 Aspheric is an exceptional choice. This monthly disposable contact lens ensures clear, stable and consistent vision all day long. We also stock a Frequency 55 Aspheric 6 Pack for those looking to stock up on their lenses.

How can I look after my Frequency contact lenses?

The entire range of Frequency contact lenses are monthly disposable contact lenses designed for daily wear. This means you can wear a pair of these monthlies for up to 30 consecutive days, provided you remove them nightly and follow a simple contact lens cleaning routine.

You'll need to clean and store them using a suitable contact lens solution. We stock a wide range of multi-purpose contact lens solution for all your lens care needs. Why not try our best-selling comfi All-in-One Solution?

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