Acuvue 2 Contact Lenses

What are Acuvue 2 lenses?

Acuvue 2 are specially-designed two weekly lenses that also offer the freedom to wear them continuously for up to seven days and nights, if approved by your optician.

Why should I choose Acuvue 2?

A highly versatile option, ideal for working professional or anyone with a busy schedule, this highly breathable lens keeps your eyes feeling fresh from morning till night and doesn’t let you down during those long days at the office. Designed to stand up to the irritating effects of air conditioning, digital screen use and adverse weather conditions, Acuvue 2 is the perfect contact lens choice for office workers and regular commuters.

These exceptional two weekly contact lenses deliver clear and crisp vision for the wearer, able to correct short-sightedness or long-sightedness. With a smooth and wettable hydrogel design, you’ll enjoy such a high level of comfort that it’ll often feel like you aren’t even wearing lenses.

Easy to apply, and featuring Infinity Edge technology, these lenses have been designed for ease of use and a comfortable wear over even the longest of days. Manufacturers Johnson & Johnson have also created these impressive weekly contact lenses to offer UV protection for contact lens wearers.

Enjoy the choice of wearing these Acuvue lenses as two weekly contacts, or as extended wear contact lenses (if prescribed by your optician). This freedom provides you with the ideal lenses for how you live your life and ensures nothing gets in the way of your day or your vision.

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How to look after your lenses

As two weekly contact lenses, they require nightly removal, before cleaning and storing them in an appropriate contact lens solution.

We’d recommend comfi All-in-One Solution for all your contact lens cleaning needs. Or, you can visit our helpful Eye Care Hub and find out which contact lens solution is best for you and your lenses.

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