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Tina Patel Tina Patel
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Have you ever seen someone with two different eye colours? In this blog, we will discuss about this unique eye condition and also talk about your favourite celebrities who have it.

What is it called when you have 2 different coloured eyes?

‘Heterochromia Iridium’ is a rare condition in which two eyes are of different colours. This condition can take many forms, such as having two different-coloured irises, an iris that's partially a different colour or segmented, or an inner ring around the iris that's different from the colour of the outer iris.

Here are our top picks of your favourite celebrities with different-coloured eyes. Let's celebrate their unique beauty.

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland

‘24’ - one of the most action-packed television shows of all time - kept our fists clenched and hearts in our mouths thanks to its excellent direction, script and performance from lead Kiefer Sutherland. Prior to 24, Sutherland made his name in the hit movies ‘Stand by Me’, ‘Lost Boys’, ‘Young Guns’ and ‘Flatliners’.

A star both on TV and in movies, Kiefer Sutherland is also known for his sectoral heterochromia. To put it simply, this is where both of his eyes are a unique blend of two different colours – a mix of green and blue.

Julia Roberts, during her Golden Globes acceptance speech in 1990, supposedly referred to him as her "beautiful blue-eyed, green-eyed friend."

Alice Eve

Alice Eve

Probably the actress with the most noticeable case of heterochromia on the list. Alice Eve’s eyes have captured the interest of millions of viewers in ‘Men in Black 3’, ‘She’s Out of My League’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness.

Her impressive performances aren’t the only thing that catches the eye. With two different coloured eyes, a blue left eye and a green right eye, the actress has thrived with a look that’s both engaging and alluring. The mismatch may not be as obvious to some, with Eve once joking that it took one of her boyfriends nine months to notice her different-coloured eyes!

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

Since breaking out with the role of Jackie Burkhart in ‘That 70s Show’ in 1998, Mila Kunis has gone from strength to strength, establishing herself as a household name. Lead performances in ‘Friends with Benefits’ and ‘Jupiter Ascending’ have followed, as has a Golden Globe-nomination in 2010’s ‘Black Swan’. And perhaps, most people might also recognise Mila as the voice behind the ever-unfortunate Meg in ‘Family Guy’.

Mila has also suffered from blurry vision, cataracts, and even blindness in one eye throughout the years before surgery corrected these issues for her. However, one of the cataracts had the effect of changing one of her eye colours, leaving her with two different coloured eyes. The brown and green eyes have become synonymous with her look.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour

The British-born actress is known for her rise to fame as Bond girl Solitaire in ‘Live and Let Die’, and her Golden Globe-winning performances in ‘East of Eden’ and ‘Dr Quinn's Medicine Woman’.

The iconic actress has stolen scenes in everything she’s acted in, but she is also known for stealing looks with her multi-coloured eyes. Her heterochromia iridium is hereditary, which means she has 2 different-coloured eyes. Her one green eye and one brown eye is a feature of her look that has been much-admired over the years.

Why not David Bowie!

David Bowie

A common misconception is that the late great Ziggy Stardust himself had heterochromia iridium, due to one of his eyes appearing darker than the other. In fact, the unique eyes that became a key component of David Bowie’s iconic look were the result of a jealous fight with a friend over a girl they both liked. A clumsy punch to the eye resulted in the paralysis of the muscle that contracts the iris.

To put it short, his pupil, which was fully dilated at the time, was unable to change size. This meant that whenever his other eye had a contracted pupil, the difference in colour created an intriguing effect. Named anisocoria, this condition came to be seen as a blessing by Bowie himself, who admitted that the odd feature added “a kind of mystique” that became synonymous with his iconic appearance.

Why are eyes different colours?

Eyes are different colours due to heterochromia, which is mostly hereditary. Melanin determines eye colour and can cause your eyes to be different colours if the amount of melanin in each eye varies. Nevertheless, the exact cause of this variation is still unknown.

Two different colour eyes can also be caused by injury or certain diseases. This is referred to as acquired heterochromia.

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