A traveller’s guide to contact lens care

Friday, 06 May 2016
A traveller’s guide to contact lens care

If you’re a contact lens wearer, you’re probably already aware of how convenient and comfortable these corrective vision aids can be, especially when you’re on your travels. If you’ve got a trip coming up, you can keep your contact lens care routine in check with this handy guide.

Make sure you pack the essentials

Whether you’re travelling by car, train or aeroplane, it’s crucial that you pack your contact lens care essentials. Firstly, you should ensure that you have enough pairs of contacts to cover your whole trip. For safe measure, you could pack a few spare sets in case you happen to lose or damage any of them. You will also need to pack your solution and lens case. If you’re travelling by plane, it’s important to keep airline security regulations in mind. If you’re planning on taking your solution on board in your hand luggage, you should make sure the amount does not exceed 100ml. Also, don’t forget your prescription glasses in case you want a break from your contacts, and take a hard-wearing case so you don’t damage them during transit. If needed, you should also pack your sunglasses.

For added peace of mind, you could also take a copy of your prescription with you in case you need to seek medical attention or visit an optician while you’re away.

Adjust according to your environment

While you’re on your travels, it’s likely you’ll experience a range of different environments. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your surroundings and adjust your eye care routine accordingly. For example, the pressurised cabin of an aeroplane can wreak havoc on your eyes, especially if you’re wearing lenses. The lack of moisture in the air can cause your eyes to dry out, which could leave them feeling irritated and sore. While drinking plenty of water and using lubricating eye drops can prevent this from happening, you might find it easier to swap your lenses for glasses while you’re in transit. This will also mean that you can fall asleep during the flight without needing to take your contacts out first. 

Stick to your normal cleaning routine

Even though you’re on the go, it’s vital that you stick to your normal contact lens cleaning routine. Regardless of whether you’re struck down by jet lag or you’re struggling for time, it’s important not to cut corners when it comes to caring for your lenses. You should take the time to clean your contacts before and after each use, and make sure you store them correctly when you’re not using them. It’s also vital that you wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses. If your cleaning standards slip, you could increase your chances of developing an infection.

If you don’t want the hassle of keeping up with a cleaning routine while you’re away, you could opt for daily disposables instead. Most disposable lenses can be worn all day, and when you’re ready to take them out, you can simply dispose of them. Convenient and fuss-free, these lenses allow you to enjoy contacts without needing to adhere to a cleaning regime. At Feel Good Contact Lenses, we stock a range of disposable lens products, including our 1 Day Acuvue Moist and Focus Dailies contact lenses.

Your eye health is paramount, so it’s crucial that you pay extra attention to your contact lens care routine when you’re on your travels.

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