Alastair Lockwood

Alastair Lockwood

Eye Health Advisor, Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon

Alastair Lockwood is an eye health Advisor for Feel Good Contacts and surgeon who is passionate about trying to stop people going blind from glaucoma - a leading cause of irreversible blindness. His research specialises into how to treat those patients who are unresponsive to conventional treatment and is in the stages of developing new models for surgery to cure glaucoma.

His interest in research stems from undergraduate training at Cambridge University and clinical training at Oxford University. He completed an MRC funded PhD at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Alastair is combining medicine and surgery to cure glaucoma. During surgery, too much pressure can cause strain on the nerve which can cause loss of sight. Using medicine such as eye drops can help lower eye pressure but occasionally doesn’t work so an alternative fluid route is needed for continuous drainage. However, there is a risk that the eye could collapse. Alastair is looking for a solution that prevents the risks of both of these current methods.

He continues to be keen on clinical and scientific research and encouraging juniors to get involved. Recently a principal investigator for project showing how the NHS could save £1/2 bn per year using an unlicensed, but just as safe and effective treatment for macular degeneration.

You can learn more about Alastair on his website Vision for Glaucoma.

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