Top travel essentials of global travel bloggers

Monday, 07 November 2016
Top travel essentials of global travel bloggers

The whole travelling experience isn’t just about where you’re going. It’s also about the things you’re bringing with you. Feel Good asked global travel bloggers about their travel must-haves to help you complete your travel experience.

Canon Eos 6D

“As a travel photographer, my goal is to capture the world around us, and my camera is the tool I choose to do that.”

Duct tape

“It is an incredible product. You can use it to fix pretty much anything.”


“You never know when you're going to need a knife/screwdriver/doo-hickey!”

JB & Renée, Will Fly for Food


“We use a smart phone during every phase of a trip—from trip planning and research to navigation and GPS to converting currencies and translating foreign languages.”

Pocket WiFi

“Having uninterrupted access to the Internet is so important that we always rent a pocket WiFi device whenever we travel.”

Clever Travel Companion Pickpocket-Proof Clothing

“I love these garments as they have hidden interior pockets. Thieves never even know you're carrying cash or cards.”

ROBOCOPP Personal Grenade Alarm

“If I pull the pin, it will blare as loud as a fire truck, great for scaring away potential attackers or getting peoples' attention when needed.”


“Allows you to take selfies from farther away without a selfie stick.”

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag

“We use a dry bag that is big enough to carry all our traveling essentials and can also withstand extreme conditions like jumping into a river canyon at 12 feet high.”

“A stylish pair of sunglasses is your best friend to making you look fresh in travel photos. Beep and I love our Ray-Ban's because they're sturdy and have classic designs.”

Portable Music Player

“Because music can make a huge difference in certain settings.”

A Good Pair of Shoes

“I have large feet and sometimes, it can be really hard to find a replacement pair if something happens to them.”


Solar Buddies

“Simply fill them with your favourite sun cream, and you have a really very easy-to-use sun cream applicator.”

Travel Snug

“They are fantastic, snuggly, and really helped my kids sleep on our recent flights to Florida.”

Foldable Bag

“Helps to get through airport security… Also doubles as a day bag on the road or as extra luggage for any shopping en route.”

Extra Pair of Socks for Long Haul Flights

“I get cold feet!”


Portable Charger

“Great for long plane journeys and hotel rooms without enough plugs.”

Wet Wipes

“An essential travelling with a baby, they still come in useful today on my travels—whether I'm wiping down grubby tray tables on planes to mopping up ice cream, or getting rid of sticky suntan lotion.”

Ultrasun Suntan Lotion

“This only needs applying once a day. I've never burned while wearing it. It feels lovely and you can get tinted and shimmery versions.”


“So I can write about my experiences and keep in touch with people as I go.”

Make Up

“When I recently lost my suitcase on a trip, I realised how much I missed having my make up!”


“A toothbrush with toothpaste and a comfortable shampoo are an absolute must for me. I also have a beard which means that I bring my beard oil along with me.”

Burton 25l Backpack

“It's light and has a good laptop compartment. It is not a huge bag, which helps me keep my items minimal.”

Comfortable Footwear

“Depending on the trip, I'll have my hiking boots or comfortable but stylish city trainers to keep me on the move.”

Small Medical Kit 

“It's not always easy to find a pharmacy at a moment's notice.”

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