The dos and don'ts of contact lens care

Wednesday, 15 June 2016
The dos and donts of contact lens care

Making sure that you look after your contact lenses is crucial if you want to keep your eye health and sight in check. To help maintain that fresh look ensure that you’re cleaning and caring for them properly, here are a few lens care dos and don’ts you might want to keep in mind.

Do wash your hands

Washing your hands is one of the most important parts of your lens care routine. Whether you’re putting them in or taking them out, it’s crucial that you clean your hands and fingers thoroughly before you handle your lenses. Ideally, you should rinse them using warm, soapy water, followed by drying off with a lint-free towel. If you choose to skip this part of your cleaning regime, you could be putting your eye health in jeopardy. Bacteria can easily be passed from your hands to your eyes and lenses if you don’t clean them, meaning you’re at a much greater risk of contracting an infection. So to keep your eyes in check, make sure you give your hands a scrub beforehand. 

Don’t use water to rinse your lenses

Using water to rinse your lenses is a big no-no. Even if you’ve reached the end of your solution bottle, you should not use anything else to wash your contacts. The truth is, most water sources, including the water from your taps at home, contain harmful microorganisms called acanthamoeba which can cause major problems for you if they get onto your eyes when you’re wearing contacts. If these organisms get onto your lenses, they can breed and multiply, causing your eyes to become sore and irritated. In some cases this can develop into an infection or even result in a loss of vision. So even if you’re desperate to clean your lenses, it’s best to leave them and wear your glasses until you’ve restocked your solution supply.

Do store them correctly

Although it’s the final step in your lens care routine, how you store your contacts is extremely important. When you’re not wearing them, your lenses should be kept in a specially designed contact lens case. Usually, these cases are in a barrel shape or a flat design with two sections - one for each of your lenses. Before you place each lens into the case, you should fill it up with your solution. This will keep the lenses moist and prevent them from drying out while you’re not using them. Next, you should gently put each lens into its designated side of the container before tightly screwing the caps onto the case.

Don’t rush

There’s no denying that your contact lens cleaning regime can be time-consuming, and if you wear them frequently, it’s understandable that you might get fed up of having to stick to the same routine each time you want to insert or remove your lenses. However, regardless of whether you’re in rush to go out or you’re keen to head to bed, it’s important that you don’t rush. If you do, you’re more likely to damage your lenses and you could risk not cleaning them properly. Instead, make an effort to take the time to gently rinse each lens individually. Not only will this help keep your lenses in tact, you’ll also be doing your eye health a huge favour and minimising your chances of developing an infection. There are also lenses, like the acuvue oasys line, that can help you to lead a more active lifestyle without the worry of daily washing.

Contact lens care

Taking note of these dos and don’ts should help you stay on track when it comes to cleaning your lenses. However, if you’re still struggling to keep up, you may want to think about swapping your usual lenses for daily disposables. These lenses don’t need to be cleaned and can simply be thrown away after each use. We stock a number of disposable lenses from a range of leading brands, such as Focus Dailies All Day Comfort and 1-Day Acuvue Moist lenses.
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