The best make-up looks for Halloween 2017

Wednesday, 11 October 2017
The best make-up looks for Halloween 2017

It’s October, which means Halloween is right around the corner and make-up artists online are creating looks to inspire us for the fun-filled holiday.

Carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples and scouting the neighbourhood for sweets (trick or treat?) are staple traditions, but modern day Halloween costumes are evolving from traditionally handmade costumes stitched together by grandma, to daring designs that mix the fun of season with colourful artistry.

From ghoulish zombie brides to whimsical fairies, you’re spoilt for choice now. But we’ve picked our top 5 Halloween make-up looks of this year to help you decide…

The Goth Flower Fairy by @luvekat

Somewhere in the middle of skeleton bride and flower fairy, this look by @luvekat is a great option if you’re looking for something out of the box, but isn’t too challenging to re-create. The contouring around the cheeks, nose and eyes can be re-created using the Luscious Plum Transition Palette by Crypt Cosmetics. The flowers along the chest can be painted on by freehand, or using stencils and standard face paint. Complete the look with sea green lenses form FreshLook Dimensions and Huda Beauty lashes in Giselle. Top it off with a rosy red crown by Claire’s and any wig of your choice.

Autumn Fall by @the_enchanted_taurus

More and more, people are opting for Halloween ideas that favour creativity over scare factor. Take this costume by @the_enchanted_taurus that depicts the season of Autumn, or Fall as it’s otherwise known. You can copy the look by sticking to earthly tones when painting your face. We recommend this 35 colour palette by Morph and Urban Decay’s metallic lipstick in the colour Roach. To get those soft blue eyes, try Expressions Colors lenses in blue and top it all off with a grey wig and artificial craft leaves.

Treat Or Treat by @jordanhanz

Jordan Hanz brings us Halloween almost all year round with her infamous make-up transformations, which keep over 600,000 of her Instagram followers in awe. She continues to push the boundaries of creativity and offers a rare dose of originality with each look she creates. Why not go as an actual treat this year and dress up as an ice cream? It’ll take patience and a steady hand, but face paints and carefully placed props will bring this whimsical look to life. Add a pair of grey lenses from Air Optix and a candy coloured wig.

An Intergalactic Warrior by @nickeilgenesis

We’re not exactly sure what Nickeil Genesis was going for with her out of this world look, but we love it, and if you’ve got tonnes of body paint and spare time, we dare you to give it a go. Green lenses from FreshLook Colors will give you that deep space stare.

If you’ve already got a Halloween look in mind, browse through our fantastic range of coloured contact lenses to add a finishing touch to your costume. Our coloured lenses can come with or without a prescription depending on your needs. Tweet us your Halloween costumes to @feelgoodcontact at the end of the month, we’d love to see them.

Enjoy Halloween and remember to be smart and stay safe if you’re going out.

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