How to tell if your child needs an eye test

Tuesday, 19 March 2019
How to tell if your child needs an eye test

As a parent, it goes without saying that the health of your child is in your best interests. So in the way that you would take your youngster to see a GP if they were coming down with an illness, it is vital to take them to see an optometrist if they are experiencing problems with their vision.

It is best practice to take your child for an eye test once every one or two years if they have perfectly good vision, and more frequently if they have any eye health concerns or encountered eyesight issues.

With very young children though, it isn't always easy to know whether they are experiencing vision problems, mostly because they are too young to verbally explain. However, there are some tell-tale signs that you should be aware of.

Here are a few ways to tell if your child needs an eye test:

Holding a book close to the face

Observing your child as they read is a good way of determining whether it's time to take them to see an optometrist. When reading, books should be held at eye level, or just below, and at arm's length away.

If you notice that your youngster is holding their book very close to their face, this could be a sign that they are struggling to see the words on the page properly. While it may well be the case that their vision is fine, it is better to be safe than sorry and book an eye test.

Excessive clumsiness

Do you joke that your child has butter fingers? If so, this could be more serious than you think. Excessive clumsiness is a sign that your youngster may need an eye test. Problems with vision can lead to poor hand-eye coordination, meaning your child is likely to struggle with factors such as balance and writing or colouring between the lines.


If you notice that your child squints while reading, watching television or looking at far-away objects, this is a sure-fire sign that they need to go for an eye test.

Squinting is a common indication of a vision problem, with people doing so in a bid to try and make seeing clearer.

Rubbing eyes repeatedly

Youngsters who rub their eyes repeatedly could be experiencing vision problems and/or tiredness as a result of poor eyesight. If your child is rubbing their eyes often, even when it isn't time for bed, take them to see an eyecare specialist.

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