The ultimate festival survival guide

Thursday, 19 July 2018
The ultimate festival survival guide

It's festival season! Check out our top tips to make sure you have the most fun this summer when watching your favourite bands.

Pop, R&B, hip-hop, folk or jazz, no matter what your personal taste in music is, there will probably be a festival to suit your tastes. Once small-sized gettogethers of music lovers, festivals have become a mainstream phenomenon with hundreds taking place each year and hundreds of thousands of fans filling up concert grounds to watch their favourite music acts live.

Ensure everything goes smoothly and you make the most of your time. Follow our festival survival guide tips and make sure you make it through the music in one piece.


Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes against the sun's UV rays. If you’ll be out in the sun all day, you need to make sure you have a good pair of lenses to protect your eyes. Thankfully, we stock a wide range of designer sunglasses that not only protect your eyes, but are incredibly stylish too.

VIP section fashionistas can choose from brands such as Gucci, Linda Farrow, Prada and Chloe. Finely crafted frames, sleek lines, gold plated details and unique texture blends are signature features on these high-end shades, which are sure to put you ahead of the style pack and make you stand out of the festival crowd.

Laid-back festival goers can choose from a colourful selection of frames from Superdry, Sun Pocket and Oakley. Oakley’s Frogskin range is particularly sought after for it’s unique retro colour mixes, perfect for adding some character to your festival look.


Stay hydrated

While you’re dancing around and having fun, it can be very easy to forget to stay hydrated. In an effort to prevent dehydration and minimise the use of single plastic bottles, many festivals now offer free water filling stations. Make sure to fill up when you get the chance, or buy fresh bottled water where they are available. It's also advisable to keep your consumption of alcohol to a minimum as alcohol can also add to dehydration.


festival survival guide

Wear daily disposable contact lenses

Daily contact lenses are highly convenient as they can be disposed of at the end of the day after one wear. They don't require daily cleaning, disinfecting, wetting and storing. comfi Daily Disposable offer both all day comfort and value for money.

If you do prefer to wear monthly contact lenses or 2 weekly contact lenses, we recommend buying a multi-purpose contact lens solution that will give your contact lenses an all-in-one clean, as well as storing them overnight. Buying a multi-purpose solution means you won’t have to buy numerous products to clean your lenses. comfi solution comes in a handy travel-sized pack that can easily be slipped into your hand luggage or backpack.

As always, remember to practice good hand hygiene when handling your lenses. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water and dry them with a clean towel before handling your contacts, both while inserting and removing them. If you don’t have access to a bathroom with clean running water, use a mild hand sanitiser and rinse your hands with clean bottle water as an alternative.


Take breaks

Where possible, take breaks. If you find yourself in the middle of the crowd where sitting down isn’t possible, slow down your movements every so often to catch your breath and recharge your energy. If you start to feel particularly overwhelmed, know when to call it a day and exit the crowd. If you need assistance, locate a crowd warden where possible, or ask for assistance from a friend.


festival survival guide

Take some extra eye care products

Being up early in the morning and late at night, your eyes are often the first thing that will start to feel fatigue. Some handy eye drops such as Blink Intensive Drops can help brighten up your eyes and hydrate your lenses. Dust is also a common issue at festivals and some Refreshing Eye Mist can help clear that away and offer your eyes a hint of moisture. This is perfect for those who prefer not to place eye drops directly into their eyes.


Create a buddy system

With so many people in one place, it's incredibly easy to lose your group of friends amongst the large crowds. With that in mind, it's best to have some sort of system that allows you to find each other if one person goes missing. This can mean having one or two main meeting points, or agreeing that everyone in the group keeps their phones on vibrate and checks their messages if someone goes astray.

Which festivals will you be visiting this summer? Let us know in the comments section. 



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