Brand new: comfi all-in-one solution

Friday, 26 August 2016
Brand new: comfi all-in-one solution

Find out how Comfi has altered the way you use contact lens solution through improving on both quality and value.

Forget what you thought you knew about multipurpose solution for soft contact lenses. Comfi have come along and changed all that.

The most important thing you should know about Comfi All-in-One is that quite simply, it’s the best quality solution. Why? Firstly, it uses a unique blend of 2 separate cleaners. This double disinfecting system will make sure to catch a much wider range of bugs and nasties lurking on your lenses to help give you a fresh look.

The second aspect of Comfi that makes it stand out, is the fact that it contains high quality hyaluronate. Comfi All-in-One is all the more comfortable on your eye for choosing to incorporate this pharmacy-grade component. Hyaluronate is frequently found in things like eye drops and premium beauty products. It acts like a cushion, promoting collagen and elasticity and amazingly, holds over one thousand times its weight in water. It’s basically a water magnet and helps to keep your contact lenses moist as well as your eyes comfortable. If you suffer with dry eyes, there can only be one choice.

Comfi All-in-One Multipurpose Solution is perfect for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing. It actively removes proteins as well as lipids while retaining pH neutrality and containing no animal or toxic substances. In fact, Comfi is made with a gentle, water-based process. It is suitable for all soft contact lenses, including silicon hydrogel designs. 

So, the quality is there. But how about price? Well, Comfi All-in-One is sold in 3 different-sized packs:

Have a look at the prices compared to other solutions and then decide for yourself, we think it’ll be quite clear.

Wherever you are, and whatever your need is, know that you’re doing the best for your vision with Feel Good Contact Lenses.

The final thing to say about Comfi is that it is exclusive to
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