Beautiful eye makeup tips for Valentine's Day

Thursday, 11 February 2016
Beautiful eye makeup tips for Valentines Day

With card shops lined with red envelopes and cards decorated in love hearts, there's no denying that Valentine's Day will soon be here. Whether you're going to be celebrating this special occasion with your loved one, or simply heading out for an evening with your best friends, there's no reason why you can't dress up and feel good.

If you don't normally wear eye makeup, or tend to play it safe by sticking to just a coat of mascara, why not push the boundaries by experimenting with makeup that's a little more adventurous? Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to go all out - and if you can't rock a smoky eye on this day, when can you? Here we've compiled our favourite Valentine's Day makeup looks for your date night.

Top eye makeup tips:

Sweet and sultry

If you aren't used to playing around with different makeup styles, opt for a sweet and sultry eye makeup look this Valentine's Day.

Choose eye shadows in light, neutral tones such as beige, pale brown and gold so as to not make your eyes look too heavy or harsh. Contrast matte and shimmer eye shadows by adding the shimmery powder to the outer corner or around your tear duct. This will give your eyes that extra pop and make them appear bigger and brighter. Complement this look with a red lip.

Valentine's Day eye makeup

Dark and vampy

For those who love nothing more than being adventurous with makeup, a dark and vampy eye makeup look is for you.

Go all out with a smoky eye by pairing light grey eyeshadow with black or charcoal, finishing the look with a sweep of silver glitter. Be sure not to bring the eyeshadow too high up your eye area, since this will look a little too over the top! Complete this look with a berry lip.

Cute and feminine

To create a cute and feminine makeup look, play around with eye makeup in pastel shades, such as baby pink and sky blue. These colours are subtle enough to make a statement without being too overwhelming. Add a cat-eye flick to complete your look, if you feel extra adventurous.

If you do choose to experiment with these colours, be sure to team your look with a nude lipstick, as too many contrasting shades can begin to avoid the risk of resembling a clown!

Eye shadow makeup

Wild and mysterious

For a really striking Valentine's Day look, opt for bold and bright makeup colours, such as electric blue, metallic green, bright reds and pinks. This time though, steer clear of eye shadow and choose mascara or liquid eyeliner in these vibrant hues. As well as making you look totally on-trend, the bold shades will help to bring out the natural colour of your eye, whether you have blue, green, brown or hazel eyes!

It should also be noted that if you wear contact lenses, you should take extra care when applying makeup to avoid the risk of infection. You may also opt to use disposable contact lenses in order to save time and eliminate the possibility of contamination. Be sure not to share your makeup with others and wash your hands thoroughly before and after application.

If you are wondering whether you can wear makeup with your contact lenses, read our guide for more information. If you do have any further questions on contact lenses, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.

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