30 acts of kindness you can do on World Smile Day

Wednesday, 04 October 2017
30 acts of kindness you can do on World Smile Day

If there’s anything the world needs right now, it’s more kindness and compassion. This Friday, the 6th of October, marks World Smile Day. The theme of the day is to ‘Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile’.

Whether it’s in your family home, place of work, or even to a stranger you’ve never met, everyone is encouraged to try and do one good thing.

In 1963, a Massachusetts-based artist named Harvey Ball created the image of the smiley face - a black line sketch on a round yellow circle. The State Mutual Life Assurance Company of Worcester, Massachusetts (now known as Hanover Insurance) had purchased Guarantee Mutual Company of Ohio, resulting in a merger that lowered employee morale. Therefore, Bell was hired by executives to create an image that would increase morale in the workforce.

State Mutual subsequently handed out 100 smiley pins to employees with the aim of getting employees to smile while using the phone and doing other various tasks. The buttons became wildly popular and by 1971, almost 50 million of them had been sold, creating icons of the smiley face and of Bell, although commercial success was not his intention.

As the years went on, Bell, a true artist, frowned upon the commercialisation of his image and felt it had lost its original meaning. It was out of this frustration that in 1999, he created World Smile Day, to be celebrated each year on the first Friday of October. After Harvey died in 2001, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was founded to honour his name and memory. The Foundation continues as the official sponsor of World Smile Day each year.

We’ve complied the ultimate list of generous little deeds you can do this Friday, if not every day, because the world needs more people to make us smile. Why not be one of them?

World Smile Day

Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. - Dennis Prager

  1. Offer to babysit, dog sit, or cat sit for free
  2. Make a loved one a playlist of their favourite songs
  3. When you’re around others, put your phone away. Let them know you’re fully engaging with them and ask them how their day was
  4. Are you going on holiday soon? Bring someone home an authentic souvenir
  5. When’s the last time you rolled up your sleeves in the kitchen? Learn to cook a delicious new meal and surprise your partner, family and friends
  6. Mow your neighbour’s lawn after mowing your own
  7. Leave a tip that’s bigger than normally expected
  8. Send someone a handwritten letter or postcard

Acts of kindness

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

  1. Donate unwanted items to a charity shop
  2. Bring doughnuts or cakes to work for your colleagues
  3. Offer someone a ride and save them getting on the bus or train for a day
  4. Take someone to the movies, or to lunch or dinner
  5. Give someone a bouquet of flowers to put in their living room
  6. Smile at someone. Mother Teresa famously said, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”
  7. Volunteer at an animal rescue shelter
  8. Leave a positive sticky note on someone’s desk. Perhaps congratulate them for doing something well.
  9. Get involved in a community clean up
  10. Help someone struggling with heavy bags

Coffee with friends

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ― John Bunyan

  1. Make your colleague a cup of tea or coffee
  2. Help a tourist take a photo
  3. Give up your seat on the bus or subway
  4. Share the table with someone in a busy food hall/restaurant if it’s busy
  5. Stop and help someone with a flat tire
  6. Give someone your parking ticket if there’s still time on it and you’re leaving
  7. Help someone load their cabin luggage into the overhead compartment
  8. Hold the elevator or door open if you see someone rushing to get in
  9. Take time to give directions to someone who looks lost
  10. Plan a night out for your friends
  11. Get the first round of drinks on a night out
  12. Teach someone a new skill they don’t know but you do

We think every day should be World Smile Day, but let’s make the most of it this week and do something good for one another. Tweet us at @feelgoodcontact and let us know what you did.

Be generous, be kind and make someone Feel Good this Friday.

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